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Sanplatec are the 50th anniversary of founding.

Head Office

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We will listen to the voice of researcher and worker, and the needs and dissatisfaction be sensitively grasped and solved.

We are leading company of laboratory plasticware including, bottles, beakers,measuring cylinders e.t.c. in Japan. We thank to be partnized by government, university, private companies and mediacal institutions e.t.c. in various fields.

The network with countries of the world including United states, Europe, and Southerneast Asia has been being strengthened.

Such our Sanplatec's products have become to be developed from customer's point of view.
We will listen to the voice of researcher and worker, and the needs and dissatisfaction be sensitively grasped and solved.
Sanplatec hopes that the products invented there is behind you for all time.

Company Information

President Satoshi Kato
Initiation July 1st, 1960
Date of Foundation December 3rd, 1964
Capital Fund JPY 20,000,000
Number of Employees 60
Contents Manufactrure and sell of the laboratory plasticware forcusing on Sanplatec blands
Head Office

No.1-3, 2-chome Doshin, Kita-Ku, Osaka City, 530-0035 JAPAN

TEL: +81-6-6353-5141   FAX: +81-6-6353-5975

Tokyo Branch

Century Bldg. 2F

No.1-3, 2-chome Taito, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, 110-0016 JAPAN

TEL: +81-3-5688-5141   FAX: +81-3-5688-5142

Nagoya Branch

No.22-12, 1-chome Shimizu Kita-Ku, Nagoya City, 462-0844 JAPAN

TEL: +81-52-962-0291   FAX: +81-52-962-0293

Logistic Center

No.1-34, 2-chome Doshin, Kita-Ku, Osaka City, 530-0035 JAPAN

TEL: +81-6-6353-5141   FAX: +81-6-6353-5975

General Purpose Container Department

No.10-10, 4-chome Tenma Kita-Ku, Osaka City, 530-0043 JAPAN

TEL: +81-6-6354-8741   FAX: +81-6-6354-8743

Main Plant

Nara Factory

Company History

July 1st , 1960 Mitsumasa Kato, Chairperson of director established as 'Sanko Seisakusho' located No.32 5-Chome Kyu-houji Higashi-ku Osaka city Japan.
December 3rd, 1964 Incorporated 'Sanko Seisakusho Corporation' with relocation to Koubai-cho, Kita-ku Osaka city.
June 1st , 1971 The company name renamed 'Sanko Plastic Corporation'.
July 1st , 1971 Expanded to Tokyo and opened the Tokyo branch.
March 1st , 1974 Expanded to Nagoya city and opened the Nagoya branch.
November , 1979 TPX products, measuring cylinders, beakers, schales, graduated glasses were introduced to the Hit-Selling Product exhibiton and exhibited.
July 1st , 1980 Completed 7-story rebar owned building.
Removed the head office to No.1-3, 2-chome Doshin, Kita-Ku, Osaka.
September 1st, 1980 Set up trade division and advanced to international sales and marketing to aim at import/export.
December , 1980 Auto-Desiccator was introduced to the Hit-Selling Product exhibiton and exhibited.
September , 1981 Made the technical tie-up and the mutual exclusive selling contract with the main laboratory equipment manufacturer in Europe(Germany, UK, Netherlands, Swizerland, Sweden and Italy)
including the major laboratory equipment manufacturer in United States.
Set up planning department as product development division.
December , 1985 Built new annex to owned head office building (8-story rebar)
July 1st , 1986 The company name renamed 'Sanplatec Corporation'.
June , 1988 Exhibited to the world's largest science equipment exhibition 'AHEMA' in Frankfurt, Germany.
July , 1991 Sell the first casting type Auto-desiccator 'D-box ver.1' in market.
June , 1993 Established 'Sanpla Corporation' to strengthen the manufacture division.
August , 2000 Built annex (2-story) to head office
September , 2003 Decided to obtain ISO:9001:2000 certification to get customer's satisfaction formed committee for the promotion and organizer of ISO.
January , 2004 Set up ' Sales company navi project' for enhancement of the commodity introduction and the operating of distributor introduction on Internet.
August , 2004 Obtained Quality management system ISO:9001 2000 certification.
August , 2004 Started internet catalogue ECsite '' 'Sales company Navi'.
July , 2006 Mitsumasa Kato assumed the office of chairman.
Satoshi Kato assumed representative director.
October , 2006 Obtained quality management system ISO9001:2000 certification (Tokyo branch, Nagoya branch)
February , 2009 Issued '2010 science equipment general catalogue'.
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