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Feature : Sanplatec Fluoro-Plastic Products

Why are Sanplatec Fluoroplastic products recommended?
1 Low price
Reduction of the price of original PFA products has been made possible by improvement of the manufacturing process.
Prices have been reduced an average of 15 to 30% from conventional products.

2 Trorough quality control implemented
Leak (decompression) and appearance tests are conducted. All products are subjected to an appearance test. Product lot control system is also perfect.
Products are packaged individually.
Leak(decompression) test Appearance test Individual package
Since volumetric flasks are experiment equipment which demand precision, stamping of graduations onto each flask is based on precision weight measurement by electronic scale.
3 Excellent performance and construction
The biggest feature of PFA is that it is metal free.
With Sanplatec PFA products, metal elution is STOPPED!!
Results of metal elution test of Sanplatec original PFA bottle
United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class 6 certified
Sanplatec PFA bottles have received USP Class 6 certification.USP Class 6 is a rating given to products which have passed various animal physiological and cytological test items.
The Push-in Seal of PFA Bottles
Leak-proof construction is realized With cap with push-in seal or Without push-in seal. Unsurpassed sealing properties. Since the push-in seal is made of PFA, there is no fear of metal elution. Easy-to-use compact design. A tab is provided at the push-in seal so removal is easy.
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Feature:Fluoro-Plastic Products
Fluoro-Plastic Products
Fluoro-Plastics are the key of to successful experimentation!
Sanplatec highly recommends!
No dust with pure water wash!
Evaluation test requests are also accepted.
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