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Use for food bacteria tests or to incubate anaerobic bacteria.

Compact and does not take up space: Perfect for setup in narrow locations. Lightweight so it is easy to carry.

The inner tub has a special surface treatment so bacteria will not adhere to surfaces.

Temperature adjustments are easy; you can tell if the heater is on or off using the pilot lamp. Has a cable hole so you can record the change over time of the temperature sensor.Overheat prevention mechanism which uses a manually recovered thermostat
prevents excessive temperature from rising.

Usage Example

For maintaining samples handled on the clean bench until placed in a large incubator. For chair-side anaerobic incubation for dentists and detecting the campylobacter or helicobacter in food hygiene inspections using an anaero pack.

Note:When running for extended periods continuously, the ambient temperature should be as stable as is possible.

Code Model Specifications drawing
0156 Main unit vertical setup One shelf for vertical setup (PDF)
0157 Main unit horizontal setup One shelf for horizontal setup (PDF)
0158 Shelves for vertical setup 1 shelf (PDF)
0159 Shelves for horizontal setup 1 shelf (PDF)


Type Vertical setup type Horizontal setup type
Type Air jacket
Temperature adjustment range Ambient temperature + 5 to 55 degree C
Tub inside dimensions 220W x 300D x 270H mm 310W x 300D x 185H mm
Inside volume Approx. 18L(including door) Approx. 17.5L (including door)
** Effective inside volume 220W x 300D x 235H mm 310W x 300D x 148H mm
Outside dimensions
(including projecting portions)
309W x 362.5D x 458.5H mm 455.5W x 362.5D x 312H mm
Total weight Approx. 5.5 kg Approx. 4.8 kg
Tub material Cold-rolled stainless steel (SUS304)
Outer packaging material ABS/AS
Heater Mica heater 100V 130W Silicon rubber heater 100V 130W
Temperature sensor Liquid expansion type thermo-detector contact point thermostat
Overheating prevention device Thermostat 窶・manual recovery type
Power AC100V 50/60 Hz
Maximum power
Accessories Shelves (stainless steel), Stem thermometer

* Performance outlined in the specifications applies to an ambient temperature of 23degrees C (when there is no load).

** Effective Inner Volume: Inner volume when setup shelf is always on the bottom level.

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