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PFA Komagome pipette


It is made from all PFA and is a metal free Komagome pipette.

Please use it for chemical transfer from container to container, the mess up of a PFA graduated flask, etc.

Capacity is 10ml. It is slightly large shape but the amount of a drop which can be dropped is approximately 0.05ml. Minor adjustment is possible.

Body: PFA (Fluoro-Plastic), Cap: PTFE (Fluoro-Plastic)

* A rubber syringe is an option.

Code Model Body size (Outside dimension x Length) (mm) Drawing
21240 10 x 210 10 x 210 -

Feature:Fluoro-Plastic Products
Fluoro-Plastic Products
Fluoro-Plastics are the key of to successful experimentation!
Sanplatec highly recommends!
No dust with pure water wash!
Evaluation test requests are also accepted.
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