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PFA vial for ICP auto-sampler


All made from PFA and provide metal-free contamination of the sample is prevented.

It is independence type vial for auto- sampler.

It is optimal for various microanalysis, such as bio-analysis of a semiconductor, drinking water, a super-purity chemical fluid, low concentration protein, etc.

Those with 14緕・of outside diameters conform almost all the auto-sampler rack, and those with 13.5緕・of outside diameters conform all auto-sampler plates.

For cap, two sorts of seal type and dustproof type are prepared.

Body,Cap : PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy : Fluoro-Plastic)

Code Model Capacity (ml) Outside diameter x Total height(mm) Quantity (per case) drawing
22683 T43-0229 1.5 14 x 24H 10 -
22684 T43-0239 2.5 14 x 36H 10 -
22685 T43-0249 4 14 x 52H 10 -
22686 T43-0029 1.5 13.5 x 24H 10 -
22687 T43-0039 2.5 13.5 x 36H 10 -
22688 T43-918 Sealed cap 5H 10 -
22689 T43-916 Dust cap 10H 10 -


Applicable model makers Perkin-Elmer, CETAC, Thermo, Shimadzu Corporation, Varian, Elemental Scientific, Analytic Jena, GeMeTec, and other makers
Applicable models Atomic absorption, (GFAA) Atomic absorption with graphite furnace, (ICP-M) Liquid handing in semiconductor industry

Feature:Fluoro-Plastic Products
Fluoro-Plastic Products
Fluoro-Plastics are the key of to successful experimentation!
Sanplatec highly recommends!
No dust with pure water wash!
Evaluation test requests are also accepted.
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